The DPGP 7MB Project Objectives



A step along the way to the long-term goal of sequencing the euchromatic genomes of 50 independently sampled Drosophila melanogaster strains by high-density-oligonucleotide-microarray-based resequencing was to target a specific region. In this experiment 7 Mbp in each of 50 strains was targeted to validate and improve the platform, to establish a resequencing pipeline, and to develop the capacity and needed analytic tools for a population genetics project of this scale.

We are currently in the process of analyzing the data and preparing a manuscript

Downloads and Supplimentary Material

The sample of 50 D. melanogaster genomes sequenced consists of 40 highly inbred lines derived from a well studied North Carolina population and 10 lines from Malawi (chromosomes were genetically extracted into 27 stocks).

Target Regions

Resequencing Data Release 1.0

The data was generated using RATools an open source model based approach. Sequence in these files had a minimum phred equivalent quality score of 30.